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The basic aim of our website is to show you who we are and what we do. Switch Solar Energy was formed in 2010 and has gained MCS (micro-generation certification scheme) accreditation and is a member of the REAL insurance scheme. With the changes of government subsidies for renewable energy generation the installation of PV solar has become very popular with the domestic, commercial and agricultural markets throughout Europe and the UK is no exception.

We decided very early on in the business that the niche market sector of PV solar and in fact most of the other sectors of the renewable energy industry would be the most interesting for us to develop long term and probably the most profitable.


With that in mind we have developed products that we feel will have longevity for the business and will attract further development as technology advances influence the market and the drive for further reductions in CO2. This will be vital and necessary to reduce global warming and the reliance on the finite resource and rising cost of fossil fuels. We hope you agree with this sentiment.


Saturday, August 30, 2014


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